Cassandra Hill

About me:
My life is full of experiences that continue to lead me to where I am now, and now, and now. I have been on this journey for many lifetimes it seems. I can not prove that; but many people I live, work, and play with, all agree it seems like there is something larger going on here and that we must have had a part in this the whole time! At least to some degree!
Throughout the years I have integrated my formal studies of, and participation in, Aikido, Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Kotodama, Mantra, and 12 step programs into my teaching. This has helped me to be able to transmit the experiences of personal development and growth whether it be through Aikido, Yoga, or meditation. With my Personal Life Coaching and the integration of transformational arts that I practice, I enjoy passing along what life gave to me to share with all; like minded, forward thinking, progressive, loving friends, and fellow practitioners of the arts. I have been teaching Aikido since 1993. Throughout my journey with Aikido I have had the pleasure to teach children, and adults, and I have lead weekend intensive workshop for Aikido, Yoga, and meditation with my business Transformational Arts.

So the rest is the personal story of how I got here if you are interested please continue. It is not as uplifting as the above portion, but has been inspiring to some. So enter at your own risk….Or Not!
I was undergoing treatment for injuries that I sustained from a brutal rape attack. I had suffered a stroke from blunt force trauma to the head that left me unable to care for myself. It seemed very tragic to my friends and family, as well as myself, but that experience has been turned into my greatest gift on my personal journey, and continual evolution of the never ending path to authenticity.
I was undergoing treatment to learn to walk again, and recovering from the injuries I sustained, when the woman who was doing my acupuncture treatment shared with me about a so called “self defense” art called Aikido.
I had no idea what a life changer this would be! I did not immediately go sign up, but as I got better I also was less dependent on my caretakers and soon to be out in the world again… I was literally terrified, and suffering from PTSD. How would I go to the store or anywhere and not be afraid of that happening again? So I went to this Aikido dojo in Stockton, and there I began my journey with Aikido.
It was here I began learning about the world of energy, physics, and the realms of Aikido. I was introduced to affirmations, Law of Attraction, Chuck Spezzano, Barbara Brennan, and so much more, by my sensei. My life has become a raging success because of that seeming tragic incident. And now I am a great martial art instructor, yoga teacher and personal life coach. So welcome to my page!