So, Welcome!
This is my page about Aikido.
That means it is my perspective. There are so many, that you will have to find the one that resonates with you. Hopefully, if you are into Aikido, you will find your “tribe”.
I love Aikido, and I believe there is so much to it. A lot of people in the current trend seem to want to “improve” Aikido. But I do not think there is anything to improve. Aikido is perfect the way it is, it is we that must improve as a human race. It is our understanding of the art that needs the improvement.
I have found Aikido to be a wonderful way to improve the human consciousness and to evolve as a human being, we certainly can do that, we have the power to. I believe Aikido can connect you with the source of experience and life itself, if you are attentive enough to be present in your experience training on the mat. This is my “tribe”, the “awakening to a higher cause” group, the “what is within will shine from without” constellation. Looking deep into the personality and finding what drives us to the experiences we are having. Sure, things happen that are not a reflection of something in us. However,But a lot there is a great amount of our life that does happen that we bring to ourselves; by the way we engage life, from the attitudes and opinions we have about how life works, and how we treat money and property and people, the life force of the planet and the creatures that live on it, all of this adds to the balance sheet of what we see reflected to us in the world.
Aikido can improve your mental processing, your emotional experience in life, and your awareness and insights of your physical participation on this planet. But just like with loosing weight, you cant just enroll in a program for weight loss and expect to loose weight. You have to participate in a plan of action. Believing in loosing weight is not enough. And believing in Aikido is not enough. You have to cultivate your awareness’s of the deeper aspects of Aikido, and life itself.
I like assisting people in becoming more attuned to the way they carry their bodys, the way they stand in life and how they live, breath and walk while at work or home, or in social situations. A lot of this comes out in technique, which is a beautiful thing. It is exposed, or shall we say presented to you in your practice so that you can see it. The nice thing is that you do not have to leave the mat and try to “improve” that which has been discovered, it will clear itself out naturally. However, my business is Transformational Arts, so I do like assist people in clearing out the things that block them from their authentic selves. The self that is hidden sometimes under fears and socially entrained behaviors that we have all learned. I like to help the process along.
I believe the main purpose of Aikido is Masa Katsu A Gatsu Gatsu Hayabi, true victory is self victory! This means a lot to me. It means that we no longer can afford to point to the outside world for our discomforts in life. Even in those times when it appears that someone has done something to us, or maybe they even have. I don’t mean that we allow ourselves to be victimized. I just mean that we take full responsibility for how we got there, and how we are going to get out when those situations arise. I believe it also means we take 100% responsibility for our lives. No matter where we are or the seeming mistakes we have made. It is all grist for the mill. What if there are no mistakes, and you are right where you are because it is where you are supposed to be? There are so many aspects to victory of self that it becomes part of your journey if you decide that Aikido is to be part of this beautiful journey called life. Come join me in the fun and exploration of Aikido. I do private lessons, workshops, and teach regularly in the central valley and around southern and northern California. I will be doing a workshop in Georgia, and Greece in the future.
So contact me on Facebook at Transformative Arts, or leave a voicemail at 209-951-5402 for dates and workshops in your area.
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!