Life Coaching

Cassandra Hill is a fun, outgoing, introvert.
Now how does that make sense?
Well, we all have multiple dimensions to us and within our beings. And discovering those helps us to develop ourselves into the humans we strive to be.
As a long term practitioner and teacher of Aikido, Yoga, and meditation, she finds the arts to be foundational in her life coaching programs. She also combines her many years of hairdressing, fitness coaching, and weight loss management planning into her spiritually progressive approach.
It is through the initial sessions of your experience with her that you will be able to personalize your journey toward your end goals. As you take advantage of the profound skill sets mentioned above Cassandra is also available to assist you on your path in many other areas as well. Her experience in 12 step recovery groups and healing modalities like Reiki will also be of benefit to you as you plot your journey ahead.
It is the hope of 209Yoga and Transformational Arts that you find a fulfilling life journey and that you celebrate every day of your life as you continue on the broad highway of your experience here on earth.
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